PectiWita Living

The reality today is that more people live in the cities and towns than live in the country or even within easy access to the countryside. So, just as many people have adopted and adapted Amerindian customs to city life, it will be necessary, and should be quite possible, to do the same with the PectiWita.

This is not to be jumped into quickly, however. One of the beauties of this tradition of the Craft is the hitherto unspoiled closeness with nature. So much of Wicca--in the short period of time that it has been generally "available" (since the mid nineteen-fifties only)-- seems to have lost a lot if its beauty and charm by being adapted to city life. Covens meet in apartment buildings. Electric lights have replaced candles and oil lamps. A candle in a cauldron has taken the place of the roaring bale-fire. Robes and tools are bought, rather than being handmade by the individual. Ingredients for magick are obtained, ready packaged, from local shops or through mail-order houses.

This is not true of all Wiccans, of course. There are many who do try to get back to the old ways; who do make the effort to meet outdoors, even when getting there can be an inconvenience. Perhaps that word "inconvenience" is at the root of all this. Today we hate to be inconvenienced. We are so used to having things prepared for us, of having our own lives made easy with labor-saving gadgets, that we have a very low tolerance for any sort of inconvenience.

But there should be a difference between inconvenience and putting effort into something special. The Craft is something special. It is worth the inconvenience of getting there to perform rituals in the way they were originally meant to be performed. To do this would be all part and parcel to honoring the tradition and it rituals.

Having said that, let's look at the reality of the situation; the fact that more people live in the cities than don't.

Since the PectiWitan tradition is a solitary one it is probably more adaptable than most. Many of its rituals call for the Witan to be high up on a mountain. If you have access to a roof, this could be a step in the right direction. If not, then you will have to make do with what you have. Being outdoors is more important than having height. If you can get to a city park, or similar, do so. It is often possible to find a quiet spot in one, a little off the beaten track, just enough to do what you need to do. Having a fire, of course can present a problem. If it is absolutely impossible to have one, then dispense with it. Or you can do as many Wiccan covens do when meeting inside...use a candle to represent the fire. If you do this, then use one of the larger seven-day candles or similar. You can also burn incense in conjunction with the candle/fire. The fire is really all that is called for in the rituals, as a center or focal point.

Unlike other Wiccan traditions, you don't have to worry about setting us an altar and covering it with a large variety of working tools, or with marking our a big circle. So, being in a very small apartment need not be a handicap since there is no large circle to cast. All things considered, you could perform PectiWitan rites just sitting on the edge of your bed.

There is call for you to wash certain items in a stream. This can be accomplished by filling a bowl with (bottled) spring water from the supermarket. And when it comes to holding any object in the light of the sun or the moon, please take it to an open window to do so. Do not have the light coming through the glass.


Some people much prefer to work with others, in a coven situation. Perhaps we should try both before deciding which to stay with. Both have their pros and cons. It is easy enough to adapt the PectiWitan rites for group working. Mainly it would be the Sabbat rituals that would be involved. For these simply have the leader say the words and the others follow the actions. Or divide the speaking among several members of the group. Everyone, of course, should do the centering.

It's as simple as that. None of the rituals is particularly complex so there should be no problems in working them with a number of people. You can, of course, (and do try) to write your own rituals.

Most Wiccans either go sky clad or wear robes, and even a few wear regular street clothes. Perhaps we should take a little time and trouble to prepare for a ritual. Communicating with the Gods is certainly very special, and should be treated as such. Is it too much to ask to dress appropriately? How can one "get into" a ritual wearing the same clothes they have worn all day?

So how should you dress for PectiWitan rites? In the Highlands today you see very few Scotsmen wearing the kilt. (unless they are attending a wedding) Some few certainly keep to tradition and do wear it proudly, but they seem to be in the minority. It's a shame to see countries losing their identity, in this world of rapidly increasing uniformity. But many Pictish Witches do wear a kilt for their ritual work.

This does not mean everyone interested in Scottish Witchcraft buy a kilt! But it is suggested to give some thought to the heritage of this Witan tradition. Many people make their own clothing. Some to the point of weaving the cloth for it. If you do this you might also want to use natural dyes. But simply making your own ritual clothing seems to take you that much closer to it all.


The emphasis of PectiWita, as you have seen, is on magickal and divinitory practice rather than on the religion. Yet there are many occasions when the Pictish Witch wants or needs to communicate with the Gods, on a one-to-one basis. This can be done virtually any time and anywhere.

Now may be a good time to think about how, exactly, you picture the God and Goddess. You may associate them with a particular picture or statue you have seen, or a description you have read. (I prefer deer antlers and holed stones) It doesn't really matter how you came upon your particular idea of how they look, so long as that appearance is right for you. It should present the gods in a way in which you can relate to them; a way in which you will always feel comfortable seeing them and talking to them.

Center yourself. This can be done anywhere. You could be sitting on a crowded bus or train and simply close your eyes and center yourself. All you really need is to have your feet placed flat on the floor and concentrate on a contact to the earth. The do some deep breathing and see and feel the earth colors and energies filling your body, driving out all negativity, aches, and pains. Having centered, concentrate your thoughts on the Lord and/or the Lady. See them, see their faces. Smile and greet them. Ask what you need to ask and you will receive an answer.