Although this work has a Pictish background it should be acknowledged that there is, in fact, a synthesis of Pictish, Gaelic, and Norse/Saxon cultures contributing to the overall presentation. There is also ample evidence of an overriding Scandinavian/Germanic influence (most noticeable in the whole book) especially in some of the terms used. The Scottish dialect of English is full of Scandinavian words due to the prolonged and ancient influence of that culture upon that country and the northern half of England.

Aidan Breac's training consisted mainly of developing a true feeling for the Craft in the individual Witch. The PectiWitan was encouraged to work on establishing a clear mental picture of the Witan way of life and of the Gods. This alone could take days, weeks, or even months. Reading any and all available books on Witchcraft and allied subjects is and have an opinion on what you have read. Attunement with the rest of nature is of paramounting importance.

No one book can take the place of the personal one-on-one teaching that was given to me by Aidan Breac. I have tried to touch upon all he taught (not all is on these web pages) but this is but a small sampling. However, you should be able to take what I have given you and work on it, and on yourself, to the point where you could be a Witan that Breac would be proud of. I hope you will do so.

~Raymond Buckland~

Aidan Breac was a Scottish Highlander who was born and raised in a hereditary Craft family on an island off the northwest coast of Scotland. He was descended from the Carnonacae tribe of Picts who lived in the northwest of what is now Ross and Cromarty County. For the last thirty years of his life, Aidan devoted his time to teaching the PectiWitan tradition. Raymond Buckland wrote this book in response to the many people who wrote asking for more information on this Scottish tradition of the Craft.

My reasons for adding these pages to my web site are the same. I have received so many requests for more information by e-mail about Scottish Pagans that I had to do something. I truly hope it helps.

As time goes by, I may add more to these pages, such as rituals and so on. Keep checking from time to time.

Scotland is the most beautiful, and magickal place I have ever been to. It has an ancient feeling that is hard to describe, but it is there. I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be.