Ok, I admit it... I'm hooked.
What started out to be a harmless computer game has ended up in me using a LOT of my spare time (and I have a lot of that) playing with my Sims. Then they made it all worse by coming out with Sims2! Everything looked so much more real and they just seemed more real. Naturally it was more fun.

Of course I made all my friends and family into Sims. They all have nice houses and cars.

Here is my best friend and her youngest daughter in their winter house. I decided to keep her daughter as she was when I last saw her because she's such a cutie. I love this house. It looks even better on the outside.

And here is the house...

This is my mom and brother and sister-in-law sitting on my mom's back porch. It looks so much like them that it scares me.

I decided to try to make the house Neil and I live in now. It's sort of a funny shape so it wasn't easy. The funny part was making us. Naturally I have a perfect body. ;) This is us standing by the front door.

When the children grow up they have birthday parties, if you want them to. Then their body changes to the next phase. But if you know the cheat you can turn the aging off which I usually do.

Sometimes they get married, fool around.....
Then, when you least expect it...
A dang baby!

Here's a lovely picture of one of my Sims enjoying some dinner. Looks like spaghetti.

They can go to the park, play chess and even have a cookout with friends.

Or you can dance in a nice restaurant in town.

Some choose to play cards with some locals while some poor fool tries to make tips by banging on the piano.

Sometimes the men act like real men do and need to be put in their places. Not a problem.

If you decide to let the kids grow up they can go to University (if you have that upgrade) and they will finish and go out into the real world and find a job. Life is good... if you're a Sim.

And sometimes you can make them look like real people. :) This is Paul senior from Orange County Choppers.

I hope you enjoyed looking at just a handful of my creations. I will update this again soon with some better pictures. Thanks for looking.